Expanded Membership Program

Cincinnati Music Theatre’s membership program recognizes the importance of all contributions made by individuals to the organization – both through participation in CMT productions as well as direct financial support.

Membership in Cincinnati Music Theatre is open to anyone interested in participating in or supporting the organization.

An individual becomes eligible for membership through participation in any cast, crew, production staff, orchestra or other direct production role for a CMT production. Membership becomes effective at the close of the production once all of the responsibilities of the individual’s role have been completed and continues for a period of 2 years. Membership is automatically renewed for members in good standing with each production in which the individual participates. Note that “Participation-based” membership is on an individual basis only.

An individual (or family) may also become a member of Cincinnati Music Theatre by providing financial support to the organization through the Donations program. Any contribution of $25 or more entitles the individual (or family) to membership in CMT for a period of 2 years. Donations and recognition levels are established by the Board of Trustees to provide additional recognition and benefits to members at different levels of support.

Members of CMT are entitled to vote on any matters that come before the membership at annual, general or special membership meetings. They shall also be notified of and be eligible to participate in any activities of CMT, including, but not limited to, social events and auditions. Each member is entitled to be informed of and participate in any CMT theatrical production as deemed appropriate by the Director and/or Producer of said production.

CMT membership is required to be eligible to hold leadership roles in the organization including election to the Board of Trustees as well as participation on key Board committees such as Creative Committee, Nominating Committee, Scholarships, etc. To be considered for one of these positions, an individual must have first attained membership status through either participation or direct financial support. However, once a member in good standing serves on the Board or designated Committees, the term of service shall apply toward continuing membership in the organization.

(Exceptions – Consistent with our all-volunteer mission, individuals compensated for performing special and necessary functions in a CMT production or as part of their normal line of business (special effects, box office, contracting, etc.) are not eligible for participation based membership related to their compensated activity.)