We would like to congratulate and say ‘thank you’ to the following individuals who have earned a pin with their participation in “Crazy For You”:

  • Charles Wilhelm 55 show pin
  • Kathy Beiting 45 show pin
  • Marcie Brooks 20 show pin
  • Charlie Greer 20 Show pin
  • Fred Martens  20 show pin
  • Jill Rothmeeler 20 show pin
  • Carol Beelman 10 show pin
  • Terry Beelman 10 show pin
  • Chris Weidner 10 show pin
  • Greg Good 4 show pin
  • David Shough 4 show pin
  • Jeff Surber 4 show pin

The pin award levels start with a copper pin after 4 shows, 10 shows a silver pin, 15 shows a gold pin, and after 20 shows a numbered pin.  We appreciate everyone’s contribution to our shows and look forward to awarding more pins during “Mary Poppins”.

If you have any questions about the pin program please contact Chad DeMatteis: personnel@cmtmail.org