Announcing Auditions for Wonderful Town!

Auditions: July 31st & August 1st, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Callbacks: Wednesday, August 3rd, TBD

Clifton United Methodist Church – 3416 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220

STORY – With a score by Leonard Bernestein, Wonderful Town tells the story of two sisters, Ruth and Eileen, who move from a rural town in Ohio to experience the bright lights, the big city, and the crazy characters of Greenwich Village, New York City. Ruth is an aspiring writer and Eileen is a dancer who wants to pursue a life on stage. One sister can’t find a man no matter what she does, the other can’t keep them away. Together, these two sisters take on the world.
10-11 Women, 12-13 Men


Audtionees should prepare a portion of a Broadway or jazz song (standards preferred) – no longer than 1 minute-  showing acting, comedic chops, and/or vocal range.
Should also be prepared to tell a short joke (this show is a comedy after all).
Be prepared to move in a short dance combo and read from the script

Wonderful Town will run November 4 – 12, 2022



EILEEN – Ruth’s sister, a recent arrival from Ohio (LYRIC SOPRANO)
RUTH – Eileen’s sister, a recent arrival from Ohio (ALTO)
ROBERT (BOB) BAKER – editor at the Manhatter (BARITONE)
WRECK – former college football player (BARITONE)
CHICK CLARK – newspaperman (BARITONE) (doubles in Ensemble)
FRANK LIPPENCOTT – manager of the local drug store (BARITONE) (doubles in Ensemble)
OFFICER LONIGAN (JOHN) – neighborhood cop (TENOR)


TOUR GUIDE – shows tourists around Greenwich Village; can be male or female (doubles in Ensemble)
APPOPOLOUS – modern painter; Ruth’s and Eileen’s landlord (non-singing role)
HELEN – Wreck’s girlfriend
MRS. WADE – Helen’s mother (non-singing role)
FIRST ASSOCIATE EDITOR – fellow employee at the Manhatter (doubles in Ensemble)
SECOND ASSOCIATE EDITOR – fellow employee at the Manhatter (doubles in Ensemble)
VIOLET – “working gal” of the village (doubles in Ensemble)
SPEEDY VALENTI – proprietor of the Village Vortex, lost in his own world of jazz (non-singing)

Ensemble (9 numbers and bit parts)

Tourist, Greenwich villagers, New York crowd, Brazilian cadets, cops, “Hepcats”