Congratulations and welcome to the cast of CMT’s spring production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. We are
looking forward to getting started on what promises to be a wonderful production.

Rehearsals begin Monday, February 25, at Bassett Hound Sounds.

The Cast of The Hunchback of Notre Dame includes:

Wayne Wright as Claude Frollo
Ethan Baker as Quasimodo,
Austin Tenbarge as Captain Phoebus
Luka Ashley Carter as Clopin Trouillefou
Victoria Garcia as Esmeralda
Andrew Weidner as Jehan Frollo
Jacqlyn Schott as Florika
Jay Louden as Lt. Frederic Charlus
Bill Shuler as Father Dupin
Mark Culp as Tribunal
Mary Puetz as Madam
Brett Price as St. Aphrodisius

Ensemble: Michael Bishop, Karl Bolinger, Rob Bucher, Mark Culp, Lukas Hummeldorf, Jay Louden, Isaac Owens, Brett Price, Joseph Robinson, Bill Shuler, Andrew Weidner, Sarah Andrews, Angie Baker, Brandis DeWilligen, Laurel Ellis, Allison Kalfas, Mary Mills, Lindsey Mullen, Mary Puetz, Jacqlyn Schott, Molly Sexton, Samantha Toberman and Mary Vosseberg.

Special participation of The Northern Kentucky University Chamber Choir, Katie Barton, Director of Choral Studies.

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