CMT’s First Annual Picnic and awards was on June 18th at Alms Park, a big “Thank You” for a wonderful Awards Picnic and congratulations to:

Show Awards:

Rick Kramer – Director’s Award – Mary Poppins
Bill Prather– Producer’s Award – Mary Poppins
Karen Sowards – People’s Choice Award – Mary Poppins

Mike Fielder – Director’s Award – Big Fish
Elizabeth Boland & Brian Boland – Producer’s Award- Big Fish
Karen Sowards – People’s Choice Award – Big Fish

Show Pin Awards from Big Fish:

Copper Pin Winners(4 shows):

Deborah M. Berlon
Karl R. Bolinger
Mike Fielder
Bill Folop
Cody Hendershot
Andrew Kutcher
Dale Sexton
Catherine Shultz
Amanda Sigg
Robert Warfel

Silver Pin Winners(10 shows):

Elizabeth Boland
Michael Spresser

Gold Pin Winners(15 shows):

Ethan Chamberlain
Elaine K. Michael
Samantha Toberman

55 Show Pin Winner:

Barbara E. Hoffmann